Nursery policies

A full listing and copies of all our detailed policies are available anytime on request.


Medication Policy

At Donview we require Parental permission for any medication to be administered during the nursery day.  Please ask at the office for a full copy of the policy.


Illness Policy

At Donview, the health and wellbeing of all children is paramount.  Please be aware if your child has an infectious illness they should not attend nursery. If your child has suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea, they must not attend nursery until at least 48 hours clear of all symptoms.


We strictly adhere to the exclusion guidelines from the Health Protection Team from NHS Grampian - please ask at the office for a full copy of the policy which includes a full listing of the Exclusion Through Illness Policy.


Nutrition Policy

At Donview, we are proud to offer fresh, healthy and tasty food on our menus, all prepared on site. Our weekly menu is displayed in advance and we run a four-week cycle offering the children a tasty, nutritious and varied diet. We provide two healthy snacks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and a 2-course lunch included in the fees.  Breakfast and tea are available at an additional cost - please see the "Fee Details" page for futher information.


Complaints Procedure

At Donview, we work hard to ensure that everything possible is done to meet the children's needs.  We pride ourselves on our open-door policy with access to management at all times and hope that all parent/carers feel comfortable talking over any concerns they may have.  However, if any Parent/Carer should have cause for complaint, we have an official process to follow - a copy of the complaints policy is displayed in the vestibule and is also available from the office on request.


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